About us

Technify.Org - A Sofwate Development Company One Stop for all your needs

Technify Software Development is one of the emerging technology solution companies in India. The company is specializes in developing software and mobile applications. We have with us a team of technical experts which is continually making groundbreaking steps forward in the area of software development and its mobile application development. Our team has been able to integrate and develop programming technologies into the applications. While developing this software our able software engineers have considered each and every aspect of the processes involved in customer requirements.

About Team

Mr. V.Balasubramaniam, He is the sole-proprietor of this company with ten years experience. Under his guidance ten member engineer team is working in these product developments. All the software developers are graduates and post graduates in Engineering and other computer disciplines. They are all working in 24x7 by shift manner depends on the product delivery period.