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Integrity, an application lifecycle management solution, that manages all global software development processes and connects all software engineering artifacts, including requirements, models, code, and test, ensuring comprehensive lifecycle traceability.

Quick-Books Integrations

Secure online accounting software for industries.

A simple way to understand the product is to sync the Breweries transactions into the quick-books through the machine. We give sync installer for Quick-books desktop users and online users.
• Invoice.
• Bill
• Journals.
• Credit Memo.

Mobile Applications

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Companies around the world always want to reach their customers on time. We provide the best mobile app development service to ensure that our clients experience their sheer benefits of being mobile. Our mobile app development services cater to all business owners with mobile needs. If you are looking for a mini, mobile version of our product, we can help you out. Our engineers strive to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging their skills to develop cutting-edge iPhone, iPad and android applications.


QBooks enables you to access QuickBooks desktop data in your iOS device create transactions like invoice, bill, purchase/sales orders and payments and write back to QuickBooks desktop. You can have multiple users; the sync process can be automatic on a timer, or manually controlled, using up only one QuickBooks license when syncing. You can work even without an Internet connection. qBooks flows intuitively. You can view lists, drill down to detail and act on them. You can create an instrument (Estimate, SO, Sales Receipt or Invoice) and use it as a template to create any other. The customer needs to do the following three steps to use this mobile application.

Download: The initial download for Qbooks app is free and you will see the demo data. You will receive an email with instructions for further process.

Register: This mail will show how to sync your own QuickBooks desktop file and see your first 10 customers and vendors, doing the same live transactions of the full version but as single user. Unlock/Subscription: Unlock the rest anytime through in-app purchase of a monthly subscription and add multiple users. You can lock the confidential section from additional users.


The KegMaster module is a barcode scanning system that allows you to cost-effectively manage your kegs and view their status — which are on site, which are off site, with whom and for how long:
• Brewery adds kegs, specifying size and scanning bar code #
• Can view list of all kegs; button = green to indicate kegs are in the building
• When shipping, scan the bar codes; a new page is added to BoL showing keg #
• Keg list button = amber to show kegs have left the building
• List shows distributor, BoL date, days out and view BoL icon
• When days exceed x (e.g. 30), button = red to show keg is past due
• Auto-generate email to distributor with pdf attachment showing all kegs past due
• Receive kegs back by scanning bar code; button goes green; generate Kegs Received voucher and credit memo
• Credit memo syncs to accounting software • Reports by keg and distributor


BrewPad is a native iPad app that enables you to run a paperless brewhouse. It enables brewers and lab technicians to record all readings with a user-friendly touchscreen interface in iOS device. Create batches in BeerRun and use BrewPad from then on. It hands back to BeerRun for Packing. Benefits
• Manage brewhouse operations without paperwork
• Record all readings
• Time stamps ensure accuracy
• Run reports
• Integrated with BeerRun
• Works without wifi, syncs when possible
• Multiple devices